Inspiration and Pragmatism

Craft AG - General Conspectus ;.)Craft AG fosters new business ventures and entrepreneurship. We allow for methodical experimentation to find unique solutions to real business challenges.

Our contribution to your success may involve everything from conceptual design and prototyping to team building, development and project management. Our domain is entrepreneurship as a service.

Within the international business environment we focus on motivated and independent talents to create next generation applications, services and products.

Our portfolio covers client projects and internal incubations and partnerships with creative start-ups primarily but not exclusively in technology driven businesses.

iPhone App for Bands

Setlist Monkey iPhone App ScreenshotCraft AG launches iPhone App for Bands und Musicians!

Our new division for iPhone Software Development just launched  “Setlist Monkey”! With Setlist Monkey live bands an musicians can manage their songs the easy way.

The built-in digital metronome provides an acoustical and visual count-in or practice guide for rehearsals and concerts.

Setlist Monkey is availiable in the App Store!

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CRAFT AG launches English Website

We just launched our English language website. Due to the fact, that we started conducting international business, we were desperatly in need of an English website. So here it is. Feel free to look around, while we are adding more content.